Tommy Ryman is Pumpkin Patch Gary

Ep. 9 Running a pumpkin patch is a tough job. It can be scary and it can be very secretive too. Today, after years of trying to get him on my podcast, Tommy Ryman is Pumpkin Patch Gary and he spills all the jelly beans as we dive deep into the wonderful world of pumpkins! Recorded live at ACME Comedy Co. in Minneapolis, MN.

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Cy Amundson is a Guy From LA

Cy AmundsonEp. 8¬†What is it like to live in Los Angeles? How do you get famous? Why are all horses famous? How do you get a script about horses in the hands of the right person? What IS acting? Cy Amundson, as Cy Almondson, is here with us today to answer all of our burning questions in a non condescending and helpful way. With as little yelling as possible. This was one of my favorite episodes to record, and I think you’ll see why. Enjoy! And let me know if you have any tips on getting famous.

Ben San Del is a Guy from the NSA

StuffedAnimalArtworkEp. 7¬†What is a secret? What is the government? Are we safe and who is Amanda? These and many more questions are answered as we talk to a guy from the NSA. The NSA sure is a hot topic these days, and Andy Erikson knows all about that stuff, but the guy from the NSA knows a lot too. He knows what I’m thinking right now. But everyone knows I’m usually thinking about squirrels wearing party hats.

Chris Knutson is a Rap Instructor

andy cereal small

Ep. 6 FYI I was wearing a giant cheerios cereal box. ALSO a couple people were getting kicked out of the club at the beginning. Mr S. from the rap group Valley Meadows is on the show to teach me how to be a a rapper!

Pat Susmilch is a Unicorn


Ep. 4 My excitement for this guest is quite evident. In case you can’t understand what I’m saying for the first couple minutes, I’m basically telling the audience not to frighten the unicorn while he is on stage. Picture Pat Susmilch holding up a finger on his forehead as a horn. Enjoy!

Derek Henkels is Morgan Freeman


Ep. 2 Unfortunately Morgan Freeman couldn’t make it, so we have Derek Henkels filling in. We still learn a lot about Morgan Freeman, and the special projects he is currently working on. Recorded live at Acme Comedy Club.

Trevor Anderson is a Famous Person


The first episode of my high energy improvised scripted podcast. Trevor Anderson is a famous person. It’s as weird as it is awkward, and hopefully you have as much fun listening as we did making it. Recorded in front of a live audience.